ALPINE GARDEN SERVICES - Quality Kennels/Runs, Catteries & Garden Sheds
Dog Kennels and runs/Catteries
          20' x 4' Double kennel/run (£590)
         14' x 6' Single kennel/run (£545)
      16' x 4' Double Kennel and run (£495)
Our kennels are constructed of 48mm x 48mm framework and clad in  ex 16mm redwood shiplap.  We use 50mm x 50mm 12 guage glavanised weldmesh.
All timber is pressure treated and then stained a golden brown colour.
We have many other sizes available so if you cannot see what you are looking for please give me a ring, or you are welcome to visit us and discuss your requirements in person.
15' x 14' Block of Three kennels (£1050)
           12' x 10' Kennel Block (£1375)
             10' x 4' Kennel and run (£325)
          10' x 4' Kennel and run (£290)
     10' x 6' Cattery with Safety corridor     (£570)
10' x 4' kennel with covered mesh
Run (£335)
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